You’ve got a great tool (or set of tools) that has all of the right data – but how do you get the data out?

You’ve made the data available, but how do you transform it so it immediately communicates with its audience?

Spending hours or even days creating the monthly report?…time that is better spent on other initiatives.

No product on the market today comes equipped with every report needed by end users. Almost all of our customers require something above and beyond the canned reports that come Off the Shelf.

The reports required may extend beyond the skill set of the business user and our expertise is requested. We can provide you with reports via tools such as QBR, BIRT, Crystal, SQR and Excel. Denver Technology will identify the most effective ways to retrieve meaningful data from your systems on a case-by-case basis.

Customers have full access to the technical support team involved in the development process of the solution, thus all encountered problems can be resolved in an efficient manner.


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