The traditional method of doing your backups to tape and then rotating tapes offsite has finally reached the end of its useful life. Utilising new technologies the D-Cloud Backup service can thoroughly modernise your backups by storing all data on disk and then replicating to a Denver Technology data centre.


To overcome the problem of days or weeks to transfer the first full back up to the data centre and the same amount of time to get it all back, Denver Technology can “seed” the first backup to removable storage and physically take it (encrypted, of course) to the data centre where it is imported to the storage. Replication can then commence working immediately.

With any backup replication product the first stumbling block is getting all of your data to the datacentre as it is usually a large chunk (in terabytes) which could takes days or even weeks to transfer to storage over the internet.

The second and more critical stumbling block is how long will it take to get a complete copy of your data back from the replication site over the internet in the event your primary servers are unavailable following a disaster such as fire or flood.

The D-Cloud Backup service offers

  • Perth based storage facility offering the fastest time for full recovery in the event of a total restore
  • Flexible backup cycles, as frequently as every 5 minutes
  • Near immediate restores of files
  • Offsite storage at a premium data centre
  • No more tapes to shuffle around
  • Known recurring monthly fees
  • Expandable capacity
  • Optional encryption of data
  • Coming soon: standby VM’s


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