Struggling with finding an existing application that can fulfill your requirements?

Found a suitable solution but unfortunately it does way more than necessary, with the added price tag?

Do you have any of the following issue(s) or requirement(s)?

As Denver Technology have grown over the last 25 years, so has our diversity and level of skill sets in software engineering and integration.

  • Legacy systems with no modern interfaces
  • Need to improve the accessibility to a system or data
  • Systems that do not inherently integrate with each other
  • Need to share data with other companies or within other networks
  • Have an existing application that needs to be improved or fixed
  • Off The Shelf (OTS) systems do not fulfill requirements or ‘work the way they work’
  • OTS systems are too verbose to fulfill key objective (full of complex features not required)
  • Need to pull together multiple data sources to create a singular view or data source (BI, Dashboard, data warehousing)
  • Have a great idea that they want to turn into a product, and secure the IP


We can help!

A business case may show that a custom solution can be implemented at a lower cost than Off The Shelf, when including license purchase, vendor implementation/configuration, ongoing support, and maintenance and license renewals.

Within pur development portfolio, we have many examples of solving these problems for our customers. A few recent examples are:

  • Integrating an asset management system with the finance system.
  • Creating a portfolio management tool that integrates with the asset management system, finance system and project scheduling tools.
  • Creating a system for reporting on incident trending.
  • Showing the live status of works progress, scrolling on a large screen.
  • Supplying the database access layer and reporting for a high volume online rewards program.
  • Implementing the toolset to compare two sets off data using process control methods for analysis
  • Collecting data from over two networks and using it to kick off a reporting workflow.
  • Providing trending on compliance audits
  • Shift scheduling and modelling tool inclusive of competency strictures


The details

As we aim to understand your business, we can ensure that facets like security and access fit your policies and governance mandates. Our enterprise client’s regularly run security testing across our applications which we are required to validate.

Denver Technology’s primary development skills are in and around .NET, C#, JavaScript, VBA, PowerShell, MVC, WCF, Web Services, XML and SOAP. Other skills exist within the team and this continues to propagate through expansion and training.


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