Industrial wireless is inherently a difficult set of technologies to implement, owing to the unique challenges of volatile environments e.g. potentially explosive atmospheres, changing and complex radio characteristics, strict installation standards for performing work in specific areas.

Upon completion, this network can provide the following benefits:

  • Avoidance of trenching and pulling long, expensive fibre cable runs.
  • Moving suitable applications off dedicated fibre cabling to a VLAN using the wireless mesh. This allows fibre cabling to be re-allocated for use by other applications, such as re-using the security camera fibre for process control applications.
  • Handheld applications, including barcode scanning and mobile operator functions.
  • Specific point to point applications to extend reach, where fibre cable runs are not even possible.
  • Implementation of sensors to be compliant with operational integrity requirements, particularly where cabling costs are at a premium.
  • Handheld/wearable video (e.g. Librastream cameras) for operations and engineering flexibility.
  • Location tracking of assets (passive RFID)
  • Location tracking of personnel for personal safety.


Denver Technology has successfully implemented industrial wireless networks at refineries and mine sites.


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