Unified communications is an increasingly important investment for organizations looking to improve productivity and responsiveness while reducing their IT costs. The convergence of voice, video, and data communications around a shared IP-based infrastructure – allowing users to easily make a call, send a message, or join an audio or video conference – is bringing benefits to businesses of every size, industry, and geography.

Choosing between Microsoft Skype for Business (formally Lync) and Cisco Unified Communications (UC) requires a more strategic evaluation process beyond just comparing feature sets. Most providers have a strong bias to wards one or the other; however each has its strengths and weaknesses.

Denver Advantages

A strong voice

Many companies provide Microsoft Skype for Business services, but far fewer have strong voice capability. We have top-class network engineers certified in both Cisco and Microsoft technology stacks.

Vendor agnostic

Denver Technology supports clients on both Cisco UC and Microsoft Skype for Business. In fact, we have used both for our internal voice and communication systems.

It doesn’t have to be an either-or choice, you can use each vendor for different aspects of collaborative communication.

We can even hold a workshop comparing the benefits of each, with a Denver Technology engineer from each camp!

Factors to consider

  • Existing investment, in infrastructure and people
  • Desktop experience
  • Mobile device support
  • Video use cases
  • Security
  • Collaboration with outside parties
  • Vendor maturity and vision


The collaborative communication stack

  • Messaging
  • Presence
  • Voice
  • Content sharing
  • Video


Business benefits

  • Greater collaboration, leading to improved decision making
  • Reduced telecommunication costs
  • A motivated workforce with a better work/life balance
  • Reduced capital investment and travel costs
  • Optimised infrastructure with greater flexibility and easier to manage


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