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There’s no doubting the power of Maximo – many analysts rate it as an outright market leader. However, in our experience, technical IT expertise is only part of the equation. What sets us apart is our ability in business understanding to ensure full alignment between business objectives and technical implementation.

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Project Examples

Control of Work

Description: Custom solution to allow performing and area authorities create and approve permits.

Solution: New tab (CoW) in work order tracking application and new application Control of Work, report has been created to replace a paper version. Duplex printers have been used to print on carbon copy paper.

Benefits/Key features:

  • Performing authorities can create permits for a WO in Maximo and send it to Area Authority for approval
  • Area authority can validate and approve permits with all relevant information available in Maximo
  • Routine permits are used for simple low risk jobs and can be valid for up to 1 year
  • Planners can specify permit requirement on Job plans

Meridium Interface

Description: Meridium is an inspection program that has a standard Maximo interface. To support client business requirements the interface has been significantly modified.

The interface is using Web Services to communicate to Maximo. All calls are engaged by Meridium only. There is no mechanism to call Meridium from Maximo.

Solution: Maximo side of the interface has been modified. It included java classes to restrict information that is sent to Meridium and what and how Maximo work orders are updated from Meridium.

Smart Plan Instruments integration

Description: Integration with Smart Plan Instruments (SPI) has been built to allow assets and locations creation in Maximo

Solution: A combination of MIF (interface tables) and database solution allowed to build a one-direction integration

Benefits/Key features:

  • Avoid double entry
  • Better integration

SAP integration

Description: Maximo is used for work order management and procurement processes. SAP is used as a financial system. Integration has been built between these system so financial transactions can be sent from Maximo to SAP and master data (companies and GL accounts) are sent from SAP to Maximo

Solution: A complex solution has been built to integrate these systems. Now two client offices are using the same solution.

Benefits/Key features:

  • No double entry
  • Consistency in data
  • Systems are used for what they are best for

Invoice – integration with SharePoint

Description: Integration with SharePoint library has been built to allow invoice creation in Maximo on approval done in SharePoint workflow

Solution: SharePoint workflow queries Maximo for available funds and once approved creates invoice in Maximo via web service.

Benefits/Key features:

  • Instant access to invoices from Maximo via a secure link in SharePoint
  • Save time for Accounts Payable
  • Avoid double entry
  • Extra information about approval in Maximo
  • Validate approval process and available funds for invoices


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