Turning data into information

Denver Technology can help integrate classic control systems with modern networks, communications and application architecture.

We understand the unique requirements of an industrial environment, including:


Custom applications

While our preference is for standard off the shelf software, there are often gaps in the market offerings. In response to client demand, we have developed dozens of bespoke application and interfaces. Take advantage of our winning combination of industrial experience and strength in application development.

IT/OT convergence

The concept of IT-OT convergence isn’t new: Gartner came up with the term in the mid-2000s. It means integrating operational technologies such as SCADA, Remote Terminal Units, Programmable Logic Controllers, meters and sensors, which are working real time or near to real time, with IT systems.

Systems we have worked with…

…include (but are certainly not limited to):

Data Historians - PI and Yokogowa

Denver Technology has helped clients extract, collate and present data to put the results into the hands of the key decision makers as quickly as possible. we have worked with PI and Yokogowa.

Our experts can help you:

  • Integrate data historians with your operations and business systems,
  • Leverage your data historians as an enterprise application platform for connecting services and messages, relational databases.
  • Upgrades
  • Develop customized applications and interfaces
  • Implementation: design, planning, project management.

Cardax Integration

We have integrated Cardax systems with a number of ERP and HR systems to streamline management and improve both security and safety.

Industrial Wireless

See our page on Industrial Wireless for more detail.


We have worked with a number of SmartPlant products including

  • SmartPlant Instrumenation
  • SmartPlant Materials
  • SmartPlant P&ID
  • SmartPlant Engineering Manager
  • SamrtPlant Electrical
  • SmartPlant Review

Intriniscally safe mobility

At Denver Technology we have implemented a number of intrinsically safe devices and developed mobile applications to be used on these devices with in hazardous process control area to perform a number of functions aimed around improving efficiency and safety.


RFID Location Services

We have worked on RFID projects in heavy industrial environments, including viability assessments and intensity mapping exercises.


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