Denver Technology has programme managers working within our client’s senior management team to understand their overall strategy and objectives.

Key tasks they regularly perform are as:

  • They aim to align the project outcomes with the organisations overall business goals
  • They are adept at financial management and enable the IT&S (or other) Manager to appropriately forecast and meet budgets.
  • They coordinate teams working on related projects, with teams made up of our client’s staff, Denver Technology’s resources and vendors [when necessary].


As these skills don’t often come together, it can be difficult to fulfill this requirement from within the existing workforce. Clients have found this service offers them the advantages of programme management without the issues around recruitment and full time employment.

Project Methodology

While Denver Technology uses industry standards for their methodologies, they are often required to adapt or scale these based on the client requirements. In some circumstances, their clients have their own defined methodology.

Denver Technology supports the training of their staff to acquire accreditation in the preferred methodology of their clients. Team members are encouraged to pursue methodologies that best suit our client’s culture and objectives.

Denver Technology has experienced an increase in demand for agile, rapid and lean approaches to solution implementation. Creating prototypes has allowed our clients to eliminate ambiguity and address problems ‘early on’. Other clients have required us to take an FEL (Front End Loading) approach. Denver Technology is happy to discuss the alternatives with their clients and agree on the best method that suits a particular initiative.


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