Denver Technology provides a number of security consulting services including:

Risk Assessments –The purpose of Denver Technology’s risk assessment service is to draw attention to the current enterprise security risks in a client’s environment. The scope of our risk assessment methodology includes network servers (UNIX and Windows), desktop and laptop computers, network infrastructure, telecommunications, processes, policies and procedures.

Security Testing – Denver Technology’s security testing service is focused on addressing an organisation’s security issues from a business risk management perspective.  Our unique security testing methodology consists of a combination of vulnerability assessment tools and practical, manual testing. Our security testing portfolio includes penetration testing, Web application security testing, SCADA security testing, Social Engineering testing and wireless/mobility security assessments. Our unique scoping model allows our clients to select specific portions from each of our security engagement types and build a security test which specifically addresses their requirements resulting in a greater return on investment.

Security Consulting – Denver Technology provides a diverse range of security consulting services including security design and architecture, security training, policy development and forensic services. Our certified consultants ensure that all engagements are thoroughly scoped prior to commencement of any work in order to ensure that our clients receive the greatest return on investment possible.


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