Denver Technology provides a number of security testing services including:

  • Penetration Testing – Aims to detect and exploit vulnerabilities across the enterprise. Multiple layers are tested including network, operating system and application layers.
  • Vulnerability Scanning and Analysis – Automated scan aimed at discovering vulnerabilities in infrastructure.
  • Web Application Security Testing – Aims to test the application layer for vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting (XSS).
  • Social Engineering Testing – Tests an organisation’s technology, people and processes through the use of physical (pretexting) and technological test scenarios.
  • Wireless Network Surveys – Attempts to identify an organisation’s wireless infrastructure and evaluate the associated security controls.


Denver Technology believes that we understand the underlying requirements for security testing, as security assurance services (both technical and procedural) are now very important components of any mature ISMS.  With broad experience in designing, delivering and subsequently testing secure infrastructure, we bring a wealth of knowledge to bear upon assignments of this nature.

Our unique scoping method allows our clients select activities from each of the engagement types detailed above and build a security testing scope specific to their organisational needs, thereby ensuring a strong return on investment.



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