Capital Portfolio Performance. Made Simple.

Nostra seamlessly integrates all your project data into one trusted portfolio view for faster, more accurate decision making.

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Energy and resource companies are delivering in a market where capital funding constraints are very real.  The problem we see is that very few organizations understand and trust the performance of capital allocation across the business and performance led decision making is far from data driven.

Designed by project engineers from the ground up, Nostra delivers an integrated capital portfolio view to enable smart, performance driven decision making and deliver benefits including:




Client Perspective

Eric Zimmerman, Project General Manager bp, has over 30 years of project portfolio management experience. Read his testimonial to find out how Nostra transformed bp’s capital project performance.

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On Demand: This webinar covers the challenges facing capital portfolio management and an overview of the process and technology - Nostra - to address this.

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Challenges We See Right Now
How We Can Help

Funding to business strategy

Aligning capital portfolio to corporate strategy is difficult to manage with too many "must-have" projects, ineffective prioritisation, and overlapping project priorities. 

No Trusted Portfolio View

Management and decision-makers are unable to access a real-time, consolidated view of the capital portfolio, including financials and risks- making trusted decisions difficult and/or delayed.

Minimal Integration

Portfolio data is not integrated and inconsistent across projects, functions, and business units. This results in a lack of effective reporting and aggregation tools, with reporting seen as burdensome by project teams. 

CAPEX Inefficiency

Overarching policy and procedures have not been clearly defined, resulting in business cases not receiving the appropriate scrutiny, and BAU projects being managed outside of the portfolio.

Lack of Governance

A lack of governance and process result in difficulty streamlining project and portfolio management. This impedes the ability to sequence projects effectively, or identify and stop poorly performing projects quickly.

Portfolio Management

Too many manual approval processes,  lack of experience and lack of portfolio visibility make it difficult to pivot and make necessary change. 

Customer Insights

First, Nostra works, from the initial installation. This may seem obvious but having overspent on my last project trying (and failing) to get different solutions up and running, I think this may be the biggest benefit Nostra offers.

Eric Zimmerman, Project General Manager, bp
Customer Insights

Nostra has streamlined everything. It is able to provide complete, unified and quality data to our executive team for company level reporting.

PMO Advisor, bp
Customer Insights

Implementing Nostra and automating the integration of data from other systems not only provided additional efficiencies in data collection, the quality of the data improved as manual processes previously used were eliminated. With less time spent tracking and checking their data, Project Managers have more time to analyse and manage their projects leading to improved predictability and costs.

Dave Dalle Molle, bp
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