Our Culture

Our Culture

A culture that facilitates excellence

Established in 1989 a team of four friends, collectively brought a desire to bring together their passion and expertise to make the connection between business and technology.

Denver has since grown but the founder's objectives were to establish a culture of; people with integrity, who are experts in their field, who care about one another and that are passionate about doing a great job. Now, 30 years on, the desire for a workplace that facilitates excellence in outcomes for customers in a supportive, collegial environment hasn't changed. Still led by the founders, Denver has grown to over 60 full time employees and has the enviable portfolio of long-term partner driven customers, with a retention rate well above the industry average. 

" There is a reason I have been with Denver for 10 years now and it isn't just about the material but more so about the people I work with. Denver seems to find the right people to match the core values." 

Thomas Woerner

Today, 30 years on - the same core values are central to Denver.

Care for People 
Working Together
Passion & Applied Expertise