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Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) combines software, systems, and services to control and optimise virtually all asset types to bring cost-savings, efficiencies, asset reliability, extended lifecycle, and increased safety across the enterprise.

Companies operating within the Resource and Energy sectors rely on effective EAM to help them optimise assets and have better asset information, improve maintenance activities, plan and schedule more effectively, and drive a more sophisticated approach to manage their assets.

Denver consultants are highly experienced in all processes, data, and integration aspects of these systems, and have worked across the Resource and Energy sectors to help our clients optimise their asset capability and improve their bottom-line accordingly.

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Strategic Planning

Asset management directly impacts an organisation's ability to forward plan. The right strategy for managing all assets - including people, processes, and technology - is difficult without an integrated approach to managing assets throughout their lifecycle. 

Data as an Asset

Organisations are built on data, yet often can't access and leverage it effectively. Asset status, maintenance timeframes, workforce scheduling - data is not integrated, not maintained, is conflicting, or missing - but it is essential for successful asset management & trusted decision making.

Asset Lifecycle Management

How do you manage and reduce asset lifecycle costs and risks to extend asset lifecycles, reduce maintenance costs and get the most value out of your assets? 

Aging & Reduced Workforce 

How do you plan when your aging workforce retires or the bulk of your OT staff is working from home? How do you capture the knowledge and critical skills of long term employees? How can you better manage operations remotely?

Compliance & Governance

OT environments require exemplary governance and policy in place. How can you be sure that your processes and technology are compliant and go beyond the regulatory authorities' safety standards? 

Maintenance & Shutdowns

How do you resolve issues before they happen while balancing the cost of maintenance vs. the cost of failure?  How can you monitor your assets better,  move from reactive to predictive maintenance, or even equip your team to maintain and repair your assets anytime, anywhere?

Customer Insights

This project was very high risk due to the age of the existing version, extensive software customizations, a tight budget and a fixed delivery timeline that was driven by a major upcoming TAR.

The skill and experience brought to the project by the Denver team enabled the successful delivery of the project on time, under budget and within scope. Denver is an excellent organization to work with and they deliver what they say they will deliver. 

John Green, bp, Manager of IT Strategy, Architecture & Project Portfolios
Customer Insights

Within asset intensive organisations, EAM projects often fail to clear hurdles. That is not an option for Denver. Approaching every project from a strategic perspective is the only way to deliver projects successfully.

Max Rock , Denver Solution Architect
Customer Insights

We're developing a portfolio of mobile apps to free bp's workforce from their desks. A key part of this is connecting mobile devices to key source systems to get end to end, real time visibility. A recent example for maintenance workers was enabling Work Order data on their phones so they can see relevant data, as well as create Work Orders in real time, from the field.

Sally Livingstone, Senior Business Analyst Denver
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