Better IT & OT Asset Lifecycle Management

Better IT & OT Asset Lifecycle Management

For asset intensive industries such as mining and refining, managing asset lifecycle is a huge job. Despite the economic value of IT and OT assets to the business, teams are often time poor and assign a low priority, or inadequate resources to asset planning, redundancy, ongoing maintenance, upgrades or asset forecasting.

The Challenge

Our global mining client sought a more robust, structured approach to their asset lifecycle management and elected to use one of their sites as a prototype to establish a Technology Asset Roadmap strategy that could be leveraged throughout their business.

The Solution

Working with the client, we reviewed its approach to asset lifecycle management to clearly identify the problem- understand their systems and assets, identify gaps to capture and clean data, train people in creating and managing assets in systems and establishing success criteria.

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The Outcome

Following the Technology Asset Roadmap structure delivers better control, including management, maintenance, spend, decision-making and planning. Benefits include increased uptake of the existing systems to help them realise the benefits of their existing ServiceNow investment and better manage assets by internal team members, improved data quality and fewer gaps.

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