Denver Merges OT Infrastructures for Iron Ore Miner

Denver Merges OT Infrastructures for Iron Ore Miner

One of Australia’s premier miners is working with Denver to deliver cutting edge operations and merge its IT Infrastructures for corporate and OT infrastructure for processing, as part of an essential upgrade to their Process Control System (PCS).
With mining activity spread over a large geographical location and far from any major cities, reaching the mine when there is an outage for essential maintenance, can take several days and cause extended downtime. The IT infrastructures of the locations (mine and port) is merging as part of its PCS upgrade to create greater efficiency and reduce critical business risk.

“In the mining world, processing and corporate IT infrastructures rarely merge, so this represents an extraordinarily strategic and smart move to integrate the two together to not only reduce costs but also complexity,” said the Companies Manager for Technology Operations and Governance.

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The PCS upgrade project was instigated by the miner to mitigate the risk of downtime due to there being no clear strategy and plan for the end of life and out of warranty hardware and software that formed part of its Process Control System. There were also compatibility issues when trying to connect any new equipment to the existing PCS system, which required duplication of systems with different version causing duplication and errors.

“To meet increased capacity targets, improve reliability of equipment and to streamline processes, our client has fully embraced digitalisation and automation,” said Josh Marshall, CEO, Denver. “They needed its PCS to be compatible with its automated plant equipment and this was a key driver for them appointing us to manage this project, in order to optimise its operations, improve safety and to manage maintenance requirements.”

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