Increasing Turnaround Efficiencies at Speed

Increasing Turnaround Efficiencies at Speed

Our client is one of the world’s largest energy companies and is driving a company-wide digital initiative to deliver operational efficiencies across its business. 

The Challenge

It was identified that one of the key business areas primed for standardisation is Turnarounds (TAR) – the critical exercises that need to be completed quickly and efficiently to minimise the cost and disruption caused by shutting down operations. By integrating applications, standardising and aligning business processes and tools for TAR, our client would have iterative and repeatable processes across its refineries.

The Solution

Working with the client’s TAR planners, operators, superintendents, technical system administrators and business teams, we aligned the operational and TAR related business processes to create a solution leveraging the data in the system of record to control any data in relevant sub-systems

We tested the centralised data and integrated it with business processes (eliminating the reliance on spreadsheets) and also standardised on MuleSoft – an integration software platform – to power the exercise.

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The Outcome

Getting to Value Instantly

Denver’s domain knowledge of the oil and gas environment, its technical skills in both the platform (MuleSoft) and the underlying source and target systems, as well as the use of Agile methodology to deliver the work in two week sprints gave the client rapid value.

Delivering on Executable Transformation

“We proved we could deliver in this realm, and that gave our client the confidence to scale the scope of the activity,” says Simon Charewicz, Service Owner, Denver. “We now offer turnaround integration as a product, that can be scaled across all refineries to support their activities.”

With a fully integrated, best of breed solution set, our client is moving away from spreadsheets and is ideally positioned to execute turnarounds with optimum efficiency, with access to accurate, timely data and clear systems and processes across their value chain.

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