Integrated Capital & Carbon Performance Software: Nostra

Nostra has been designed and developed in collaboration with project professionals from global giant bp over a 10-year period. and is implemented in nine sites across the globe. bp has been able to quantify a significant financial benefit from using Nostra, with capital savings in the order of 5% to 10% per annum, along with qualitative and operational benefits. Nostra remains a “core platform” for bp globally and there is a commitment to expand its value and use across other existing and emerging business units of bp globally.

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Unparalleled Benefits from Nostra


Reduction on capital project costs


Improvement in budget variability


Forecasting accuracy achieved



Integration with your core project and carbon data sources, seamlessly with Nostra

  • Sap
  • Ibm
  • P6
  • Oracle
  • Excel
  • Project
  • Hexagon
Case study

Better Project Portfolio Management with Nostra

One single set of project portfolio data. Easier portfolio reporting - all projects are reported consistently, and reports can be generated in minutes rather than hours. One system login for multiple systems access.


Nostra Testimonial - Eric Zimmerman - Project General Manager, bp

First, Nostra works, from the initial installation. This may seem obvious but having spent over $100,000 on my last project trying (and failing) to get solutions up and running, I think this may be the biggest benefit Nostra offers.


Capital Performance with Nostra: A Denver Resource & Energy Insight

In this video insight, Josh Marshall, CEO at Denver speaks to Simon Charewicz about the partnership with bp that created Nostra – a seamless interface that delivers performance driven decisions across asset intensive capital programs