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Since 1989, Denver Technology has continually expanded its customer base to include high profile enterprise corporations,numerous government agencies, and small to medium businesses across Australia and Europe. We continue to exceed our customers’ expectations in terms of new service offerings, effectiveness and support.

The Solution

Clear that we had to completely overhaul the network infrastructure, yet minimise downtime, we set about designing and deploying a built-for-purpose network infrastructure solution.

After consultation with Christmas Island Phosphates, we integrated virtual servers into the new infrastructure, along with state-of-the-art equipment. Our objective: To optimise efficiency, reduce or eliminate downtime and minimise hardware costs.

The Challenge

The on-site network infrastructure at Christmas Island Phosphates, Christmas Island Mine operation was dated and struggling to meet the demands of the project. The operation’s team was having recurring issues that were affecting productivity.

As Christmas Island Phosphates Quality Control manager Patrick Chan explains,
“Our infrastructure had passed its use-by date. It had started to become unreliable and we were having problems with business critical information throughput, as well as erratic connections.”

The Outcome

With the network upgraded, Christmas Island Phosphates Mine Operation is now operating smoothly. The solution we developed has also delivered capital expenditure savings. Instead of on-site servers, Christmas Island Phosphates shift to virtualisation has reduced procurement costs, as well as the operation’s carbon footprint.

“They say ‘time is money’ and they’re right,” Patrick says. “As a business that has links to Australasia, we cannot afford long periods of downtime. Denver’s ability to respond quickly ensures that our business is always up and running.