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Interviews from Austmine 2021 Mining Innovation Conference

During Austmine 2021, Keren Jenns, Principal Consultant Technology, Strategy & Transformation and Simon Charewicz, Head of Digital Execution at Denver were interviewed on 7 current issues.
  • Some of the ways resources companies can optimise productivity through digital innovation.
  • The unique environments that resource companies operate in and ways to approach solution creation.

  • The importance and benefits of revising the way you work.

  • The issue of an ageing workforce - the challenges and the tools that can be leveraged to help solve the issue.

  • The driving demand for mining organisations to be more connected.

  • The power of data and what miners and their METS can do to use data to power mining operations.

  • Risk management and 'license to operate' are forefront concerns- how can technology and innovation have a positive impact here?

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