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OT Security Health Check & Maturity Assessment

Getting a clear picture of current cyber states and formulating an improvement roadmap to strengthen OT security postures while optimising operational performance is a high priority.

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For resource and energy companies, a better understanding of current cyber states and formulating a roadmap to strengthen OT security postures - without compromising operational performance - will bring huge benefits to them as operators.

An OT Security Health Check and Maturity Assessment provides an understanding of where you are at, identifies where you want to be and gives you steps for how to get there, delivering:

  • A view of the current state and determine a target state
  • A clear and prioritised action plan
  • Short term testing objectives
  • Recommendations to align with and support strategic pillars
  • An approach to move to a mature OT Cyber Security state
  • Risk identification
  • A benchmark information to other businesses of similar operations and size
  • Findings communicated/documented to the business
  • Opportunities for modernisation identified
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