Shutdown & Turnaround Optimisation

For resource and energy companies, it has been estimated that Shutdowns & Turnarounds can consume up to 50% of a plants’ total annual maintenance budget while better management of Shutdowns can improve operational performance and yield schedule plus cost improvements of up to 30%*

We can provide you with the insights and actions needed to make sure your Shutdowns, Turnaround and Overhauls/Outages (STO) are efficiently and effectively supported by technology. We give you tangible and actionable roadmaps for execution, identifying opportunities to increase worker safety, improve information reliability and reduce the shutdown risk profile.

Challenges we See Right Now

  • Ensuring business wide process alignment for shuts in all assets
  • Enabling supervisors to spend more time in the field
  • Removing risks from manual data intervention between key planning, scoping and execution systems
  • Reducing materials waste (during shutdowns) and inventory over allocation (post shutdowns)
  • Ensuring labour, spares and material readiness
  • Improving tracking and reporting across operations

How We Can Help

  • A shutdown optimisation assessment & roadmap can provide organisations with an understanding of where they are at, where they want to be and how to get there.
  • Facilitate engagement with key functional business and technology stakeholders either onsite and/or virtually to capture required domain knowledge and expertise.
  • Analysis of maintenance & shutdown process efficiencies to identify gaps and productivity improvements
  • Automation of planning and execution toolsets through integration and implementation of feedback loops
  • Business change management to ensure any new processes are tested and embedded in day-to-day processes with minimal impact to production
Shutdown Optimisation Assessment & Roadmap

How to Optimise Shutdowns and Turnarounds

Shutdowns/Turnarounds are essential projects for asset intensive operations. Every year, mining and oil and gas companies spend large budgets on the complex operations and compressed time windows of planned shutdowns/turnarounds.


Denver Resource & Energy Insights: End to End Shutdown Process

Improving the end to end turnaround/shutdown process with standardisation, data asset management, integrated and regulated systems allows productivity to be delivered at scale.

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