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- End to end data flow & capture, scoping, planning, procurement, scheduling, tracking, completions, report, and close, allowing tools & systems to flow & talk.


All parts, materials, tools, plant, equipment, etc. must be ordered, received, and at the jobsite by the time it is needed.

Solution components:

  • Business processes; Inventory, planning, procurement, receiving, parts inspections, tracking (delivery to site, location when on site), issuing and delivery
  • Systems; P2P, master data, TAR planning and scheduling, expediting (communication with vendor, shipment and backorder tracking)
  • TAR-specific processes and systems, e.g.; separate storeroom, inter-store transfers, kitting / packing / delivery to site, tracking

Progress Monitoring

TAR execution is a highly complex effort that needs to be choreographed in detail and closely monitored to avoid omissions, mistakes and slippage.

Solution components:

  • Business processes; planning and scheduling, workflows, punchlisting & completions, handover / handback, inspections and IWRs, break-in work
  • Systems; real-time progress data capture (mobility, RFID, etc.), control of work, task and resource assignment and release, real-time reporting / dashboards

Denver has done a lot of work in this arena, including wallboards, T3, asset and workforce tracking, data and integration etc. 

Cost Monitoring

Labour and plant costs need to be tracked with respect to planned values in near-real-time during TAR execution.

Solution components:

  • Business processes; timesheeting, cost receipt and allocation, invoicing
  • Systems; entry / exit and worktime (e.g. Kronos), labour entry (e.g. Worktech), electronic AP, real-time reporting / dashboards / S-curve
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