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Keeping Your OT Environment Operational, Safe & Secure

Traditionally, OT environments were closed-loop and separate from corporate networks, making the security of the OT environment simpler. The increasing convergence of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and other physical infrastructure - with historians, lab, and corporate systems - means that the security posture of this environment is more complex (and necessary) than before.

Keeping the OT environment operational, safe, and secure requires a comprehensive understanding of the environment-  what the problem is (or could be), how to solve it (or plan for it), and actually executing the resolutions. It is this approach that forms the basis of Denver's OT Security consulting.

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Cyber Framework


Assess – What problems are you trying to solve?

OT environments are related to traditional IT networks, but they’re different in crucial areas. With the rise of devices, physical infrastructure and process control being digitised, the role of the network connecting all of these devices has become ever more crucial.   This convergence of IT and OT, especially from a network standpoint means that security standards must be more rigorous and carefully managed.




Denver provides an independent OT Security Health Check & Maturity Assessment, benchmarking our client's OT systems against best practices and other businesses of comparable size, complexity, and industry.

This practical risk assessment will identify mitigation measures, and uncover opportunities for modernisation and improvement, whilst providing a clear and concise Action Plan, Design Roadmap, and strategy to take our customers to OT security maturity and alignment with industry standards. 

Utilising an Agile, outcome-based approach, Denver follows a four staged delivery framework to initiate and plan, workshop, analyse, and present findings.



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Architect – How are we going to solve them?

All good security practice starts with policy, but it is equally important to turn those principles into security architectures that support governance efforts. This can involve refining existing infrastructures or implementing whole new designs as part of modernisation programmes. In the OT environment, this often means ensuring that infrastructure such as SCADA and process automation systems are “air-gapped” from the rest of the organisation, due to their security, safety and commercial sensitivity, but also able to be integrated with key business systems to realise efficiency gains.

Denver has the expertise and experience to provide architectures and designs that help clients effectively navigate the competing security and operational requirements in OT environments.


IT/OT Security and Architecture Strategy Development

Denver's core principles and framework are in alignment with NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).



Following these principles, Denver provides our resource and energy clients with the following Security and Architecture Strategy Development services:

  • Taking our clients IT/OT strategy and roadmap items/priorities from assessments and building security policy frameworks for later implementation.
  • Independent evaluation of proposed OT architectures and policy frameworks and benchmarking them against best practice.
  • Assessment of proposed solutions from third party vendors and providing oversight, as well as ensuring alignment against corporate standards.
  • Network design and architecture with the appropriate segregation of IT and OT infrastructure.
  • Facilitating integration between OT and IT systems without compromising security.
  • Enabling remote management of OT without compromising security.


OT Network Architecture Consulting

With the right policies in place and strategy, OT systems and networks can be properly designed. Denver regularly support our clients in:
  • Reviewing existing designs and recommending architectural changes and opportunities for improvement
  • Acting as the central coordination point for:
    • Designing OT architectures, especially those that converge with IT networks
    • High-level and low-level designs of new and upgrades to existing OT architectures

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Deliver - Delivering the solution to the problem.

The final stage of any programme of work is the delivery of the architecture. Denver has a track record of not only designing secure OT architectures but also delivering the outcomes. Our team have the experience and expertise to implement turnkey solutions for OT environments, as well as work programmes to modernise and improve existing architectures. 


Implementation of OT Security Architectures

Our work is aligned with industry best practice and our team have the industry certifications, qualifications and real-world experience to deliver the following:

  • Taking security designs and architectures and implementing appropriate security technology to support policy
  • Configuration of optimal technical policy
  • Monitoring
  • Remote management and security updating of OT networking equipment
  • Audit trail and log management of OT networking devices
  • Optional supply of security technology

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Industry Certification & Qualifications

  • CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  • DHS CISA – 301V Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Cyber Security
  • DHS CISA – 200W Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems Cyber
  • DHS CISA – 100W Cybersecurity Practises for Industrial Control Systems
  • CDN-SP – Modern SCADA Communication Systems including DNP3 & IEC60870 
  • SAK9 – Fundamentals of Industrial Control Systems 


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