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Categorising Rail Systems & Applications

Geographically vast and remote, Rail is a key component of the Resource sector supply chain.  Getting the product from mine to port or mine to production safely and efficiently is very much dependent on an optimised rail network.

We understand the role data and technology play in optimising the delivery strategies from pit to port — utilising rail systems to efficiently transport minerals/ores. Importantly, we also understand the difference between Vital and Non-Vital applications and what to leave to the Signalling and Communications experts.

When we work with clients, we start by understanding the problem.  To do this, Denver works with resource clients  to methodically map, catalogue and document all applications and systems used within their Rail Networks including:

  • Cataloguing
  • Focussing and categorising on Vital or NonVital
  • Ensuring the system categorisation is known and agreed with stakeholders
  • Confirming full inventory of the applications and systems
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Determining Backup and Disaster Recovery requirements for specific components
  • Confirming the existing documented procedures (both org and vendor) are happening

Once this baseline is complete, we build upon and customise next steps depending on our client's systems, requirements, and pain points.

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