Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management

Manage your most critical assets with Maximo

See the source imageAcross almost every asset intensive industry (such as oil and gas, manufacturing or transportation), organisations are challenged with how to maximize the value of assets throughout their lifecycle - a consolidated enterprise platform for managing assets — from tools and parts to large production and maintenance facilities. With IBM® Maximo®, you can manage equipment and vehicle maintenance for non-stop uptime, reduce cost and minimize risk. You can check asset health in real time on a secure, simplified, scalable platform. You’re able to maintain all asset types no matter where they reside, set up new assets quickly, and upgrade Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software automatically.

Maximo helps you reduce costs through standardization, convergence and collaboration. The adoption of better operational practices, such as matrix-based work prioritization and modeling, also enables you to define conditions for work. With Maximo, you can import standard asset specification data, and gain visibility into the true physical location of assets and safety zones.

At Denver, we understand the value of implementing a best-in-class EAM Platform to help you tackle these challenges.  In fact, for over 15 years we have helped our clients improve asset visibility and increase awareness of asset locations, maintaining all asset types across national and international boundaries leveraging the power of IBM Maximo EAM. Bringing together our business and technical knowledge, we have helped our customers:

We have completed a range of EAM projects using IBM Maximo including:

  • Integration with ERP, document management and other business solutions
  • Configuration and customisation to meet specific business requirements
  • Software upgrades to maximise business value from a customers EAM
  • Identifying Business and Technical opportunities to better leverage existing software usage


"The Denver Team is phenomenal. Their ability to integrate themselves and put themselves in the shoes of the business was key to the success of this Maximo project" - BP