Optimising Business Performance Through Harnessing the Power of Technology

Combining deep domain expertise in the Energy and Natural Resources sector with hands-on industry experience; Denver Technology provide tailored technology solutions with a commitment to enhancing operational efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

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Our Customers
  • In the mining world, processing and corporate IT infrastructures rarely merge effectively, so this represents an extraordinarily strategic and smart move to integrate the two together to not only reduce costs but also complexity.

    Thierry Chabanne Manager Technology Operations & Governance
    Roy Hill
  • Denver’s extensive mining industry expertise meant that they can be fully involved in what is happening on the ground at our mine and make the appropriate recommendations. Whilst we had the high-level vision of what was required, we needed a specialist partner to drive the implementation and Denver was the perfect choice for us,

    Andrew Tan Specialist Engineer - Control Systems
    Roy Hill
  • Denver has the runs on the board- they know what they are talking about and we can trust them. They have an end to end view - they understand refining and how technology fits into our business

    John O'Connor BP Global Digital Portfolio Owner - Manufacturing Productivity
  • This project was very high risk due to the age of the existing version, extensive software customizations, a tight budget and a fixed delivery timeline that was driven by a major upcoming TAR. The skill and experience brought to the project by the Denver team enabled the successful delivery of the project on time, under budget and within scope. Denver is an excellent organisation to work with and they deliver what they say they will deliver. 

    John Green Manager of IT Strategy, Architecture & Project Portfolios
  • We need to be in a position where we can take fast, decisive action to respond to market changes and business needs. Technology is central to increasing operational efficiency while maintaining safe work practices and reducing cost. Denver has worked with us to ensure technology initiatives and the business were in sync to take us to where we want to be.

    John Bolton IT Manager
    Sandfire Resources
  • Denver helped us to identify the IT and OT opportunities with the greatest business impact. They have a holistic view and they are prepared to do things right. They are easy to work with, flexible and approachable and have brought great value to enabling our business.

    Rhys Long IT Manager
  • The teams are all speaking your praise with comments like “Best IT project we have ever seen”, “the Denver team are great, really know their stuff”, “Looking forward to working with them at Toledo”. I appreciate the professionalism and long hours you have all put into this to make it a success and show that it is possible to deliver a successful major project in the patchwork vendor environment that we have here in the US.

    John O'Conner Global Digital Portfolio Owner - Manufacturing Productivity

Asset Management & Reliability: What is the math telling you?

It can be argued that the operational assets of resources and energy companies have the greatest leverage on profits. After all, every minute that these assets are not operating has a material, measurable impact on the bottom line.


Technology Asset Lifecycle Initiative

For asset intensive industries such as mining and refining, managing asset lifecycle is a huge job. Despite the economic value of IT and OT assets to the business, teams are often time poor and assign a low priority, or inadequate resources to asset planning, redundancy, ongoing maintenance, upgrades or asset forecasting.


Complex and Complicated Systems: The Wedge They are Driving between IT and OT

How many times have we heard the terms complex, complicated and simple thrown around by engineering armchair critics? This system is over-complicated. That one is over-simplified. This one is inherently complex, nothing we can do about that.

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