Managed Support Services

At Denver Technology, our primary focus is on collaborating with clients in the Energy & Natural Resources sector, understanding the vital role of seamless technology operations in this industry.

This is why our Managed Support Services has been crafted to ensure the smooth functioning of operations in this sector. We can oversee your Information Technology (IT) and/or Operational Technology (OT) infrastructure, user helpdesk, security operations and application support.

Our dedicated team of experts, are committed to providing proactive and responsive support, allowing you to concentrate on the core aspects of your business and maintain continuous operations.

We achieve this through four key functions:

Managed Support Service Overview
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IT/OT Infrastructure Management

Going beyond routine maintenance, our Managed Services proactively monitor, manage, and optimise your technology assets for peak efficiency. From network security to server performance, we safeguard the backbone of your digital operations.

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User Helpdesk Excellence

Our Managed Services prioritise user satisfaction by delivering prompt and effective support. The dedicated helpdesk team addresses user issues, troubleshoots challenges, and ensures a seamless digital experience for your employees. We not only fix problems but also work to prevent them from arising.

Application Support

Application Support

Our team is equipped to provide comprehensive support for your business applications. From troubleshooting to updates and optimisations, we ensure that your IT &/or OT applications run seamlessly, contributing to the overall efficiency of your operations.

Mine and Exploration Site Experience

Our support team is equipped with invaluable hands-on experience gained through direct involvement in operations at our clients' mining and exploration sites. This hands-on engagement allows us to intimately understand the unique challenges and requirements of these environments. Adopting a hybrid approach, we seamlessly blend on-site and remote support services, managing operations from our Denver Technology offices situated strategically in Western Australia and Queensland.

This hybrid model has demonstrated its effectiveness in enhancing interpersonal satisfaction among our clients. By having a local presence combined with the technological capabilities of remote support, we not only address immediate needs but also proactively identify areas for improvement.

Our commitment to service quality is underscored by the integration of team members into the client's safety environment. Through a comprehensive induction process, our team aligns with and adheres to the safety protocols and standards of our clients. This not only ensures a seamless integration into the client's operations but also guarantees resource availability in case of leaves or unexpected events, maintaining continuity and reliability in our support services.

Vendor Partnerships

Recognising the need for proficiency in overseeing diverse technology landscapes, Denver Technology has fostered strategic partnerships with industry vendors for more than two decades. This deliberate effort ensures that our team possesses comprehensive industry knowledge, placing a particular emphasis on vendor certification, ongoing training initiatives, and active client participation in satisfaction surveys.

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Why Choose Denver Technology Managed Support Services


Energy & Natural Resources Expertise

Our team has in-depth experience within your industry, providing Managed Services to remote locations and navigating the unique challenges faced by businesses in these sectors daily.


Pro-active Problem Resolution

We take a proactive approach to IT & OT support, identifying and resolving potential issues before they impact your operations, preventing downtime, and minimising disruptions.


24x7 Monitoring & Support

Our helpdesk is available around the clock, ready to address any issues that may arise, ensuring uninterrupted productivity for your team.


Scalable Solutions

As your business grows, so do your IT & OT needs. Whether you're a small startup in exploration mode or a large enterprise with mine operations in production, our scalable solutions ensure that our helpdesk services evolve with you, adapting to the changing demands of your organisation and operations.