IT & OT Convergence

Connecting IT & OT environments brings greater data insights, efficiencies and improved decision making.

IT & OT convergence means more connections, increasing the risk of OT downtime or outages while also bringing new security threats, interoperability issues, and business challenges to address. 

Denver works in the OT space to bring insight for continuous improvement and optimisation for our Resource and Energy clients. Our consultants have hands-on industry experience - working at the intersection of business and technology to navigate the environment and deliver outcomes quickly.  

Challenges We See Right Now
How We Can Help

Executing on Strategy

Assessing where you are versus where you want to be - what actually needs to be done to move you to your target state?

Leveraging Data as an Asset

Is your data delivering value? Is it secure and accessible - when and where you need it-  across your organisation?

Cyber Security

Safeguard your people, infrastructure, operations, environment, and reputation against inside and outside (intentional or non-intentional) threats.  Read more

Asset Visibility

Disparate IT & OT environments mean no overarching process, roadmap or asset registers for maintenance, end of life visibility, redundancy & forecast planning. Read more

IT & OT Convergence

IT systems focus on confidentiality and OT networks focus on availability. How do you converge the two and deliver value across the supply chain? Read more

Policy & Governance

Processes and technology need to be compliant and go beyond regulatory authorities' safety standards. OT environments require exemplary governance and policy in place.

Team Skills & Focus

Your IT and OT teams have very different skill sets, deliverables and focus. Common ground needs to be found to bring the two worlds together successfully.

Customer Insights

In the mining world, processing and corporate IT infrastructures rarely merge effectively, so this represents an extraordinarily strategic and smart move to integrate the two together to not only reduce costs but also complexity.

Thierry Chabanne, Manager Technology Operations & Governance, Roy Hill
Customer Insights

Denver helped us to identify the IT and OT opportunities with the greatest business impact. They have a holistic view and they are prepared to do things right. They are easy to work with, flexible and approachable and have brought great value to enabling our business.

Rhys Long, IT Manager, ATOM
Customer Insights

We need to be in a position where we can take fast, decisive action to respond to market changes and business needs. Technology is central to increasing operational efficiency while maintaining safe work practices and reducing cost and Denver has worked with us to ensure technology initiatives and the business were in sync to take us to where we want to be.

John Bolton, IT Manager, Sandfire Resources
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Maintenance & Reliability

Shutdowns & TAR

Production Planning & Scheduling

Production Execution

Health, Safety and Environment

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