Delivering Shutdown Efficiencies for Safety, Control and Monitoring

Working with Denver, the Oil and Gas leader elected to deploy a system to address safety; control and monitoring of workers’ activities; and post-shutdown reviews. The system would need to track people across a refinery that spanned 5 square kilometres and be a cost-effective solution.

The Challenge

Engaging with our Oil and Gas client to increase shutdown efficiencies, we workshopped existing processes with key stakeholders and identified two key areas of improvement:

  • Real time data/knowledge of team (members) locations and intended locations during a turnaround; and
  • Real time data/knowledge of equipment location and movements during the shutdown

The Solution

To deliver the project, Denver identified a solution that was fit for purpose and delivered within budget and on time for the next shut. Denver took the approach to:

  • Design, pilot and execute a custom-built, portable and safe RFID tracking solution.
  • Deploy readers that could be connected to a power source or rely on solar – enabling use across the refinery as required
  • Select and customise a cloud-based solution to monitor movements during the shutdown – including the identification of bottlenecks
  • Manage a complex environment featuring civil engineering, electrical engineering and IT vendors to bring the solution in on time.

The Outcome

Fit for Purpose

“Because the readers are mobile, they can easily be placed in work areas that you can ‘gate’ people through,” adds Clayton. “For example, to monitor a particular crew, you may put the reader in a crib room.” The readers send data over a network to a module that sifts and translates the information before sending it to a cloud-based reporting platform.”

The domain knowledge and technical experience of Denver’s team meant the organisation could identify key deployment locations and minimise the number of readers that had to be deployed for the project.

Real-time tracking to ensure safety, control and monitoring
The system runs in real time, allowing for easy management of muster situations and delivering real-time data for use in continuous improvement projects, also allowing the oil and gas company to:

  1. Improve the safety of contractors and employees at the refinery
  2. Reduce shutdown costs by identifying and removing bottlenecks in real time.

How to Optimise Shutdowns and Turnarounds

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