How to start a digital conversation

Despite what it may feel like, digital conversations aren't hard. Yes there is a lot to unpack and knowing where to start can be daunting, but there is also too much opportunity to be missed by sitting stagnant.

Sometimes the simplest questions are enough to inspire the greatest ideas. The best way to get the digital ball rolling is to be real about what it takes to achieve growth and work back from there.

Here are some questions we can help you answer

Can you be more agile?

Innovation requires agility. Can you pick up and drop projects at pace while maintaining a clear focus?
Is there scope for creativity or new thinking in your workflow?
If not, why not?
How can you better embrace and implement innovation?
And where is the best place to start?

Do you have an innovation mindset?

Not just you - but your company?
If not, what can you do to change this?
Break down the influencing factors. Is it job security concerns, fear of the unknown, or even lack of 'best practice' knowledge?
Do you know how to show value and have honest but solutions-focused conversations?

Do you know where your risk lies?

How confident are you in your assets and data integrity?
Does your team know how to ensure privacy isn't compromised?
What about the safety of your employees?
How confident are you in managing people in a post-COVID world?
Does downtime plague your operations?

Do you have the right support?

A jack of all trades is a master on none.
Do your current partners understand the specifics of your field, needs and trade?

At Denver, we've been a global digital execution specialist for the mining, oil, and gas sectors for over 30 years. Like you know your sites, assets, and people, we understand your problems, challenges, and needs because we've experienced them firsthand. Our goal is to break down roadblocks and unveil the significance of a connected channel across all touchpoints- highlighting not only the efficiencies and value in reach, but showing the path from ideation to execution; revealing how simple executing on smart strategy can be.

We can say this with confidence as we have hands-on, knowledge-rich industry and technical experience.